Meet Parigi 142 at Venissa

In the heart of the Venetian lagoon, between Mazzorbo and Burano, amidst vegetable gardens and rows of indigenous grapes you will be irresistibly tempted to stop at Venissa. Venissa recovered a local agricultural plot and blended it into a gem of sustainable hospitality. It now has a Restaurant (Michelin Star + Green Star), a Contemporary Osteria, and rooms where respect for all that is local goes hand in hand with research and innovation. Food at Venissa has in itself the tale of the Venetian Lagoon, a profound reflection on the impact humans have on their surroundings. Fucina Frammenti shares the passion for detailsy. We have found in the "recipe" of our Noble Waste Mix a manifesto of intentions applied to the research and development of all our collections. The warm, soft light diffused by the blown glass galottas of the Paris 142 table lamp has the same reflections as the lagoon when the sun goes down into the water.