In Venetian dialect, Cà is the abbreviation for house. Cà Select is the new home of the famous aperitif. It is obviously in Venice, in the Cannaregio district, inside a former industrial workshop. This place was conceived to enhance local craftsmanship and culture and to bring people together. The architectural and interior design project is by the Marcante - Testa studio, and is enhanced by the narrative, material and multi-sensory itinerary thought up by Studio Fludd. This contemporary wunderkammer asks us to rediscover the true Venetian way of life through craftsmanship and sensual materials, with a perfect mix of tradition and innovation. Fucina Frammenti brings to this marvellous new Venetian house two collections that show all the potential of Murano blown glass: Catasta and Parigi 142 limited edition. Fucina Frammenti believes in respecting everything local and being aware of what truly makes up a territory. That is why it proposes its own reinterpretation of tradition through a careful recovery of materials.