Noble Waste Mix

Fucina Frammenti re-design process:
a mix toward sustainability
from Noble Waste

The Noble waste mix formula is the basis of every design object you will find in the Fucina Frammenti online shop. Our main goal is to extend the life of a product, valorising precious materials and craftsmanship. This upcycling requires thorough field research, experimentation, and the study of new materials and production processes. We are pursuing the perfect, circular production-consumption-reuse model, and this is why the product catalogue is constantly evolving and being updated.


0 — 100%

Research is the first, key step. We think about impact, about the potential for re-use... It takes a long time to identify the waste which will become the protagonist of the collection of innovative furniture (soon available in our shop online). Once we have singled out a material with characteristics that we deem suitable for the Fucina Frammenti idea, we move on to the design phase.

Noble Waste

0 — 100%

The main goal of designing around 'noble' waste is the recovery of discarded elements to create new life cycles. We want to effectively reduce waste, optimise energy impact and improve the quality of the supply chain. It is a long and complex path, but to us the attempt to positively influence every single production processes is key. This is the way to sustainable design.

Energy Impact

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Limiting energy consumption and environmental impact is a must for us at Fucina Frammenti. We must overcome the current approach which is inextricably bound to excessive emissions and energy waste and therefore to pollutants. Fucina Frammenti's contemporary design collections and the philosophy behind them are defined by a responsible use of energy, materials, and components. If you believe that even small everyday gestures can make a difference, invest in the future and choose a Fucina Frammenti product for your home and interior design. Let's imagine together a world in which waste is no longer considered as a problem, but valued as a resource.

Supply Chain

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Fucina Frammenti wants to change the way things are made, and trigger positive effects in the local environment. Attention to every single detail can make a real difference, encouraging the purchase of unique products that respect the circular design model of production-consumption-reuse. The new components that shape our limited editions follow the logic of waste recovery, for reduced impact.