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Fucina Frammenti is landed on TFA DESIGN

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Tools For After Design offers concrete solutions to prevent―or to confront―the scenarios that the Anthropocene has in store for us. The designer is a visionary who has the task of imagining the future. Imagining is planning, and planning is what architects and designers do.

Fucina Frammenti is an online shop dedicated to furniture and sustainable design. The contemporary design of its collections stems from the analysis of production processes and from carefully selected materials. The scarcity of energy resources and the lack of raw materials compels us to shape alternative visions and to think and share in new ways, at a global level. The Noble Waste Mix formula aims to extend the product life cycle through the recovery and valorisation of waste in a circular economy. Choosing a Fucina Frammenti object makes you a part of a positive vision of the future. Bring into your space (home, living, office, restaurant) innovative design objects. They are a concrete alternative to a culture based on disposable objects.